Sex Trafficking- Don’t Become a Victim

The Trafficking of Women and Children is the fastest growing crime in the world, according to statistics!

With the current rate of growth Human Trafficking will overtake drug trading as the number one crime, globally, for any criminal enterprise in just a short time.

FBI statistics show that hundreds of thousands of people in the US alone fall victim to some form of trafficking crime (300,000 underage girls a year sold into sexual slavery in or from America). The figures are just as shocking in Europe.

There are multiple forms of this ungodly act, but the most common form of human trafficking is for the purpose of sexual exploitation. It should come as no surprise that the main target for this crime is young women within the ages of 11 to 25 (majority are 12-14 year old girls).

Studies explain that young women in this age range, from the middle class, are thought to the be the most vulnerable and naive by trafficking predators. Much of this is due to having a good home and the general feeling of being safe in their environment.

Victims are at times forced into vehicles against their will, drugged, and sent somewhere to become a sex slave.  Other times they are lured with the promise of a relationship, work or educational opportunity, or some other enticing promise. The end result is the same.

Testimonies of victims are filled with horror stories of ladies being chained and raped repeatedly for years, other stories of women being strung out on hard drugs and used in prostitution rings, kept captive with psychological mind control.

There are even stories of young ladies being trapped into this dark world by using any number of “hook up” or “dating” apps, thinking they are just meeting someone for an evening date.

Here are some things to do to protect yourself from becoming a victim:

  • Never meet up blindly with someone you do not know
  • Shop or Travel in groups
  • Avoid dark places such as alleys, train stops, etc
  • Never take a drink from someone that is already opened or in a cup (even if you know them)
  • Do not leave your drink or food unattended
  • Be careful letting your applications track your location (ie: Stapchat)
  • Make sure someone close, like a family member, knows where you are and plan to be at all times
  • Arm yourself with mace or concealed weapon

God bless our women and children to stay protected.


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