God Rest Mac Miller

As most of the world is now aware the American rapper Mac Miller passed away today. He was only 26 years of age. I am all but twice his age so he wouldn’t be considered part of my generation.  I knew of the young man through my children. My oldest son is about the same age and had let me hear his music a few times.  I must say that it was very saddening to hear of this tragedy.

Heart Breaking

One of the things that breaks my heart the most in this world is the struggles young people face. Especially tragedy such as this. We are truly living in troubling times. This is just another example of a young person losing their life way to early. From what I knew of the young man he had struggled for a number of years. But he ultimately managed to become very successful in just a short period.

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Don’t Judge

There is no since is judging his life, relationships, or the nature of his passing as many will surely do. The fact is no one really knows what Mac Miller had been through or was currently struggling with in his life. No one except himself and God. So instead of speculating on any portion of his life or this tragic event, I simply offer this prayer for him and his family:


“Lord Jesus thank you for dying for all of our sins and shortcomings. Thank you for being the rock of our salvation and our ever present help and comforter. I ask you now in faith to give Mac Miller’s family, friends, and fans a level of peace that only you can. May the soul of young Mac Miller rest in you until he and his loved ones are reunited with you, in heaven. In your loving name, Christ Jesus, I pray. Amen”

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