Is Gods Love Based on Tithing?

Waking early from a fresh nights sleep with the thoughts of attending the local church service to participate in the praises of our risen savior and the hearing of an encouraging message from the written word of God should never become a negative experience for anyone. However, as my family and I attended Church service on a particular Sunday with a good attitude and only positive expectancy in our spirits, negativity is exactly what we experienced. At the end of praise and worship, which I must say was very fulfilling, we took our seats with a refreshed sense of salvation only to be scolded and whipped by a minister of God, yet once again concerning the topic of tithing. This service brings the total number of times to approximately 25, that I have been subjected to this, almost identical sermon, in my years of attending church. Several of the times that a sermon of this topic has been preached I have been among those in the church who were “tithing”, and on other occasions I was among the group who, for what ever reason, at the time was not upholding the “ten percent” LAW. This specific message was among the more vicious preaching of the collection. Myself and, I am sure, others among the congregation that totaled somewhere around two or three hundred left church that day with what I will refer to as a gloomy negative cloud about us. Feeling discouraged and condemned considering the newly planted thoughts that we may not be pleasing the God of our salvation with our works concerning this area of scriptural reference and according to this ministers version of the tithing message we may also be hindering other believers of this congregation from receiving the very answer to their prayers. Or in other words… “If you are not Tithing, God does not love you and will not hear you.”
Well, as a Christian who has been born again since the age of seven, someone who has read the entire bible for myself (and many books and subjects more than once), an ordained minister, and most importantly; a person who considers myself in good standing with the Lord, as all Christians should, this upsetting experience stirred me to research this topic in depth for myself.

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