Marriage is not 50 50

I just heard a minister say divorce statistics are the highest they have ever been in history. He was focused on the impact to the family especially the children. 

I have been married for 23 years (after dating for 5) and I have leaned many things. Such as … Hollywood perception is not reality and being “right” has very little value compared to hours or days of unhappiness. 

I have heard many people say that marriage is “50 50” and it takes both parties to word. I believe the statement is partially true. 

The pastor that married my wife and I said it this way. 

“Marriage is 100 100”. And then explained that its each persons responsibility to cover one another at all times. He demonstrated this by covering one of his hands totally with his other.  He went further to explain that there will be struggles and seasons where one person will need to go the extra mile to make it work. 

We take vows that say “til death do is part” no where in there does it say “when you don’t except me being right” or “as soon as I have to do more than my half of the relationship”… do we part. 

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