We Must Never Forget September 11 2001

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Do You Remember Where You Were?

Surely, I will never forget where I was on September 11, 2001. I’m sure most of us who lived through this tragedy recall it like it was yesterday. Back then I was in outside sales and I was just coming into the office from making a deal with it client.

It All Stopped

I was in a hurry like most days because of the ever looming quota hanging over my head. I noticed as I passed through the install bays, leading to our offices in the back, that everyone was frozen and staring at the television. So of course I walked up. This was just after the jet hit the first tower. I remember everyone being in shock. There were so many questions.

How Could This Happen?

Many people naively thought this was just a catastrophic accident. Had the jet’s guidance system went out or what? Shortly after, the second jet exploded into the other tower and then it was clear to even the most optimistic, that this was a savage terrorist attack on America.

It Got Worse

As we all were frozen in shock from the events, the work place just shut down. In fact, most of America just shut down. Then reports of the Pentagon attack began to show on the news. After this reports of the jet where passengers overthrew the coward terrorists, and ultimately crashed in a Somerset County, Pennsylvania field. The flight known as Flight 93.

Do you remember the innocent people that found themselves trapped above the jet fueled fires in the towers?  I remember them clearly hanging out the windows looking for some way out. Many ultimately jumped from the buildings and died. Can you imagine being faced with the decision of either waiting on the fire to take you or jumping from a skyscraper? Such tragedy. This makes me cry to this day.


There was so much aftermath in the coming days. Missing business people, missing fireman, missing rescue workers and police. So many were missing.

But, I want to end this post with two positive points that I recall from the tragic terrorist attack.

  1. I had never seen American’s come together and love one another from all across the land as I did in the days following September 11th.  Everyone was courteous, everyone was heart broken, and it seemed that everyone wanted to help.
  2. The courage of our police, rescue workers, and firemen. So many gave their lives trying to help the victims. So many ran into burning buildings, when everyone else was running out.

These things we can never forget. And I end by saying that this is the true heart of America. United We Stand.


God Bless America.

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