The Right Church Denomination

Denominations in the body of Christ, are they helpful, harmful, or somewhere in between? Whole libraries are written defending one slant or the other on the gospel.

I personally have had to explain the specifics of my faith in the context of Christian flaver more times than Id like to count. So I offer you a simple truth from the answer I gave a newly born again believer who was searching for a home church and didnt know what to think on the subject.

First, being a Baptist or a Pentecostal or a Catholic doesnt make you or I a Christian. Its a sad possibility that an individual could spend all there time learning the specific doctrines of their denomination, how the church works, or trying to attain leadership status and never truly meet Jesus. Its a scary thought I realize, but the truth is all real “Christians” have had a one on one, point in time, where they realized by the leading of the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ is real and that he came and died for them. At that point a choice was made in the heart to receive him as savior and begin an everlasting relationship.

This can happen at most any flavor of church, at the ball game, or sitting on our neighbors porch.

After this (most important) experience it is good to get pluggd into Gods word (Holy Bible- there is no other) and gather with other believers for encouragement and spiritual growth.

To the point…. I asked the young man these simple questions…

Does it have a cross on the top of it?

Do they preach from the Holy Bible as the one true word of God?

And finally I said, if you can go in a place like this and, most importantly, find Jesus Christ and his love… then that flavor is ok with me.

I leave you with this sobering statement I have heard many times about denominational tags,

They either fall off on the way up, or burn off on the way down.

The key is to make sure you know Jesus as your savior. God bless you for reading


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