Thumbing Through

Have you ever thought that you need to spend more time in the Bible?  Had the thought that you need to get on a reading plan and become more disciplined? As Christians I believe we have this conviction at times and to often our busy lives get in the way.

I propose to you today to start easy. Perhaps as time permits and days go buy you can become more disciplined. However, if you are struggling to spend time in the word or schedule Bible reading in a rigid structure.  I challenge you today to simply put the Word of God in the front seat of your car, and sometime during the day when you have 3 to 5 minutes, perhaps right after lunch, just pick it up, say thank you Jesus and spend just a few minutes thumbing through and read whatever scripture “jumps out” at you.

You may be very surprised at what the Lord can do with just a little “non-structured” effort. It is the living word of God after all.  God bless you as you give it a try.

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