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A Free Bible overview to help any serious student of the word of God, to better understand the overall structure and roadmap of the holy scriptures.

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Bible Overview

Most controversy concerning the Christian world in some way references scripture. It is important for all Christians to understand the layout of the word of God. So I have prepared this free overview of the Bible.

A high percentage of the average “church goers” knowledge of the Holy Bible is derived only from what they have heard or have been taught from someone else’s time spent in study. I’m not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing. However many churches have a set focus and often will never speak on certain topics or cover certain areas of scripture.

This is another important reason for every one to read the bible for themselves. It is important in order to have a real understanding of what it teaches. In this free e-book I share a basic structure to keep in mind as you study the bible for any purpose. As most people know the bible is divided into two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament, with sub sections within.  The reason for this is of real importance to scriptural understanding.

God bless you as you read

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