What Does the Bible Say About Cremation


There are so many questions and fears about cremation. In this e-book I share and expound on related scriptures to explain What the Bible Says about Cremation.

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What Does the Bible Say About Cremation?

It is amazing the questions and fears people have. Especially Christian people. After reading a number of articles with all sorts of far fetched theories and even biblical misrepresentation, I decided to research the topic of cremation in the holy bible for myself. Most importantly, because I want people to know what the bible really says.

Some Points discussed about Cremation

In this e-book you and I will discuss points like:

  • Where does the phrase “Ashes to ashes” come from?
  • Does the Bible give an opinion for how bodies should (or should not be) disposed of after death?
  • What did Jesus Christ have to say on the topic?

There are a number of other scriptures around the topic of death and cremation discussed as well.  I truly believe you will have a good understanding about this topic after reading.

God bless you.

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