Clay in His Hands

But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand. – Isaiah 64:8

The bible talks about the Lord being the potter and we are as clay in his hands being fashioned to an eternal treasure. This is a marvelous truth and puzzling perspective, especially in times of change, or times of struggle (which is typically about changing).

We live in a moment, in a time bound reality… but, God does not. It is so easy at times to focus on our current circumstances and challenges. I have to admit, it is oftentimes difficult to step back and take the perspective of our eternal Father, and realize that we are eternal beings being transformed into everlasting treasures.

Have you ever pictured yourself as “clay” being molded into something different? Something better? Well, it is the ultimate reality.  And not only are we clay being molded in our eternal Father’s hands, if you know anything about pottery is has to be put in the fire to cure after it is molded. Otherwise all of our Coffee cups would just squish in our hands.

Be encouraged and know that whatever you are going through, whatever is troubling you in the temporary season, God sees the end result of a better vessel. He is ever changing us for the better and always with the end result of being like Christ.

God bless you, and may we all be able to have the eternal perspective in this temporary life.

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