Right on the Other Side

Right on the Other Side:

How can you be gone? You’ve been here all my life.

I heard the Lord whisper, they’re right here with me, on the other side.

It happened so quick, I didn’t even get to say goodbye,

My child there’s no need they’re right by your side.

I wish I could hear your voice just one last time,

and get your advice for this life of mine.

Dear child you can, this is just a transition. You can surely still hear them, be still and listen.

What if I never see you again, what if its too late?

Don’t worry my child, be assured they will meet you at the Pearly Gate.

Sometimes I sit and think of you. I miss you and I cry.

See you when you get here, until then just know,

I’m right here… On the Other Side.

-Minister Dunagin

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